Our Values


Our brand brings the world of the professional bakery into the home kitchen – as well as creating an amalgamation of the English and Dutch (baking) culture – creating the best of both worlds.


To become a recognized brand and the home-cooks ‘’first choice’’ when it comes to (bread) baking. We want to share the secrets of the bakery world so that everyone can bake better, bake quicker and more successfully every time – by using quality ingredients.

Because we love these products and believe in them so much, our mission is to share them with home cooks across the globe. We realise the advantages of baking with professional products and want to share these secrets from the bakery world with everyone.

Core values

• Commitment to our customers; being known as ‘’going the extra mile’’
• Known as supplying unique, special ingredients helping you bake like a professional
• Passionate about our field
• Not only baking – we also know how to add spice to life – by adding great flavours
• Spoon & Pinch don’t just sell products, they use them too! In the test kitchen the products are constantly used, made into beautiful recipes, and photographed by the team.

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