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Gewoon een snufje
Just a pinch

Our Story Spoon And Pinch

It Started Here

In the early 2000s, an English lady moved to The Netherlands. She became immersed in a fascinating and interesting culture, where bread played a vital part in Dutch daily life. Delicious loaves were available on every street corner and were a popular meal choice for both breakfast and lunch; as the joke goes, ‘What is the difference between breakfast and lunch in Holland?’, ‘About 4 hours!’. The people of Holland were lost without a “boterham” (sandwich) and some cheese!

Tasty Breads

She started investigating how these tasty breads were baked, stumbling upon some interesting products used by professional Dutch bakeries. Many of these products were not available back in her homeland, the United Kingdom. And so began Spoon & Pinch! A team of passionate bakers got together and started supplying these speciality products back to England, initially through a network of families and friends.

Since then, this expert team have brought their passion for baking into the homes of many English and European families. Spoon & Pinch became well-known for the highest quality speciality ingredients; making bread baking a little less frustrating and a bit more of an exciting, enjoyable, and reliable experience.

Rising to Another Level

15 years later; Spoon & Pinch has a wealth of experience, but is still selling the same reliable products. These wonderful products are now available to bakers of all levels, from beginners to experts – using the highest quality ingredients which always give the best possible results. 

Here at Spoon & Pinch, we are passionate about saving you time, as well as helping you take your bread baking to a whole new level. With this vision in mind, Spoon & Pinch explores the magical world of professional bakeries, bringing tips and tricks of the trade into your home kitchen.

If you wish to bake bread like a pro, join the Spoon & Pinch community today! Browse our fantastic range of recipes and get buzzed with bread baking. 

Professional high-grade mixes and baking ingredients to help save you time  

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