Sweet ‘n Spice Flavouring 100 tub


Are you a cinnamon bun lover, also a lover of anything sweet but spicy? A pinch or two of Spoon & Pinch sweet ‘n spice flavouring will soon become your favourite product. An absolute store cupboard must when it comes to home baking apple cakes, flapjacks, sweet pies, sweet breads, cinnamon buns, just to name a few! Similar to allspice but with it’s own distinct exquisite taste made up of a special mixture of cinnamon and other spices. Use in any recipe which calls for cinnamon to add an extra special twist to old fashioned favourites.


Specifications and advantages:

Spoon & Pinch sweet ‘n spice bread flavour enables you to take your sweet breads, cinnamon buns or scrolls, apple cakes and any baking to new levels! Add the amount to suit your own taste – this product is not only for use in bread baking, it can be used in the same way as cinnamon is used in any recipe.

Ideal for apple cakes, apple pies, pumpkin pies, sweet breads, cinnamon scrolls and buns, flapjack, fruit compotes, clafoutis batters, sweet sauces, pancakes and much more.

  • S&P sweet ‘n spice flavouring is supplied in a 100g sealed and re-sealable tub
  • For easy use! Handy to store in the cupboard
  • A little goes a long way – use in the same way as you would use allspice or cinnamon.
  • Used by professional bakeries
  • For use in any kind of bread baking including:
  • Bread mixed and baked in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a mixer
  • Dough mixed by hand
  • Dough mixed in a Thermomix


sweet n spice bread


Storage information: Store in a cool dry place


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