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You are an expert at baking plain white or brown bread but feel the need to branch out into more creative bread recipes. Bread flavourings from Spoon & Pinch are a great way of easily making savoury breads, rolls, pull-apart breads and more. Just add a few spoonful’s to your dough to give colour, texture and a great cheese and herb flavour. This flavouring can also be used for pizza bases, adding to pizza sauces, using to flavour vegetables or roast potatoes – just to name a few uses!


Specifications and advantages:

Spoon & Pinch cheese & herb bread flavouring is a simple way of turning plain bread into a tasty and colourful savoury bread. This flavouring has a fine texture and light green/yellow colour.

Ideal to use as a flavouring for breads but can also be used to flavour many other dishes such as omelettes, vegetables, sauces, dips, meat rubs, pizza bases and sauces. Also ideal to use for bread dipping – dip cubes of bread into olive oil and then into the flavouring.

  • S&P cheese & herb flavouring is supplied in a 100g sealed and re-sealable tub
  • For easy use! Handy to store in the cupboard
  • A little goes a long way – add 20g to 500g of bread flour. Or use to taste in many other recipes as a general savoury flavouring.
  • For use in any kind of bread baking including:
  • Bread mixed and baked in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a mixer
  • Dough mixed by hand
  • Dough mixed in a Thermomix


savoury bread soft and light recipe


Storage information: Store in a cool dry place


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