Rustic Multigrain Bread Creation 500g tub


If you have mastered baking basic white bread and would like to start adventuring into other types of bread then the Spoon & Pinch rustic multigrain flour will be an ideal start to your bread creating journey! A delicious crunchy premium blend of wheat flours incorporating oats and sunflower seeds. Rustic multigrain is a concentrate and therefore only a little is needed to turn your bread into a beautiful and delicious rustic brown loaf. Alter the amount you use according to your own taste and to how dark you want your brown bread. Use in combination with Spoon & Pinch flour booster, dough creamer and even-rise dried yeast for best results.

Basic recipe – Spoon & Pinch rustic multigrain


Specifications and advantages:

Spoon & Pinch rustic multigrain bread creation enables you to take your bread baking to new levels! Add the amount to suit your own taste – if you want a dark loaf and strong wholemeal flavour  then add more than the suggested amount. For a lighter brown loaf add less.

Ideal for wholemeal loaves and rolls, rustic crunchy bread, rustic bread plaits, cob and artisan loaves.

  • S&P rustic multigrain bread creation is supplied in a 500g sealed and re-sealable tub
  • For easy use! Handy to store in the cupboard
  • A little goes a long way – use 125g to every 375g of strong white bread flour
  • Suitable for adding to all bread types including wholemeal, French stick, foccacias, cobs
  • Used by professional bakeries
  • For use in any kind of bread baking including:
  • Bread mixed and baked in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a mixer
  • Dough mixed by hand
  • Dough mixed in a Thermomix


dark brown multigrain loaf


Storage information: Store in a cool dry place


Typical values:

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