Rustic Tomato Bread Creation 500g tub


You have mastered basic bread baking, and feel ready for something more creative. Try making rustic tomato bread with this beautiful premium blend from Spoon & Pinch which combines wheat flours, tomatoes, dried peppers, onions and herbs producing a colourful bread full of flavours reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Spoon & Pinch rustic tomato bread creation is a concentrate and therefore only a little is needed to bake beautiful tomato breads and rolls, pizza bases, focaccias and more. Use in combination with Spoon & Pinch flour booster and even-rise dried yeast for premium results.

Basic recipe – Spoon & Pinch rustic tomato bread


Specifications and advantages:

Spoon & Pinch rustic tomato bread creation enables you to take your bread baking to new levels! Add the amount to suit your own taste – if you want a strong tomato flavour then add more than the suggested amount. A colourful dough due to pieces of dried pepper and tomato.

Also ideal for pizza bases, foccacias, pull-apart and tear and share breads, garlic bread and more.

  • S&P rustic tomato bread creation is supplied in a 500g sealed and re-sealable tub
  • For easy use! Handy to store in the cupboard
  • A little goes a long way – use 125g to every 375g of strong white bread flour
  • Suitable for adding to all bread types including wholemeal, French stick, pizza dough, focaccias etc
  • Used by professional bakeries
  • For use in any kind of bread baking including:
  • Bread mixed and baked in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a bread maker
  • Dough made in a mixer
  • Dough mixed by hand
  • Dough mixed in a Thermomix


s;poon & pinch rustic tomato


Storage information: Store in a cool dry place


Typical values:

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